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Big Jim at Xootic on Bohol



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Within the 30 pages of my website you will find

  • A guest book where you can leave your thoughts about the Philippines or this website or ask a question about the Philippines

  • More than one hundred documentary style videos of the Philippines

  • Hundreds of links to Philippines websites

  • Hundreds of pictures of the Philippines taken by myself or people I was travelling with

  • A gallery where you can post your own Philippines pictures

  • Cebu tour information

  • Tourist visa information

  • My Philippines blog discussing life in the Philippines

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Family multicab on Leyte



Philippine Videos

To give you an insight into the Philippines, I have more than 150 short videos of the Philippines available for you to download for free. Many of the videos are repeated in a lower quality for dial up users. The videos cover topics such as:

  • Cockfighting - I have a provincial out door cock fight and a cock fight filmed at Sta Ana Race track in Manila. Many people come to my website because they are seeking cockfighting vidoes but according to my statcounter, never reach the correct page. The cock fighting videos are on page 3 of the videos.

  • Accommodation - I have filmed some of the hotels, pensione houses and resorts I have stayed in. These include Don Felipe in Ormoc City, Bohol Bee Farm on Panglao Island, Aloha Hotel in Manila, Bohol Tropics in Tagbilaran plus accommodation on Camiguin Island, Siquijor, Cebu and more.

  • Tours - Of Bohol, Siquijor, Manila, Cebu City, Biliran, Camiguin Island, Tacloban City, Surigao City, Malapascua Island, Dinagat Island and more

  • Boat trips - On Superferry 12 to Manila, Our Lady of Fatima to Ozamiz City, Supercat, Oceanjet, bangka boat rides etc

  • Building construction - A 1 bedroom home built for about usd $2,000 and other projects

  • Transport - By bus, tricycle, bangka, ship, multicab, calesa etc

  • Defensive driving in Cebu City

  • Tourist spots - such as Kawasan Falls, Lapu Lapu shrine, Magellan's Cross, Macarthur's Shrine, San Juanicio Bridge and more.

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Some of my videos are uploaded to YouTube

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Exploring Malapascua Island



Philippine Images

There are hundreds of interesting pictures of the Philippines available, with more to be added over time. They include:

  • Scenic Pictures of different places on the islands of Bohol, Leyte, Mindanao, Camiguin, Malapascua and Cebu

  • Out and About - Some tourist shots plus some every day sights including restaurants, nipa huts, relaxing with friends, cadets on parade, picnics, beauty contest, making furniture, wedding photos, condominiums, malls, sari-sari stores and more

  • Sundry - Some images of different types of Philippine visa and visa stamps.

  • Transport - Pictures of every type of transport available in the Philippines. Including carabao, jeepney, habal habal, pot pot, tricycle, motor scooter, ship, roll on roll off ferry, fast ferry, bus, calesa, bangka boat and multicab.

  • Historical photos. Including Mayon Volcano erupting in 1928

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I also have a gallery where you can post your own Philippine pictures. It is here

Photo gallery. Add your own pics!


Sanjuan beach, Palompon Leyte


Other information

Would you like to arrange your own day tour of Cebu? I have a walking tour of Downtown Cebu and a tour of Metro Cebu. Read how HERE

There are also hundreds of useful links to Philippines web sites where you can obtain  information about; accessing your money in the Philippines, travelling around, tourist spots, accommodation, picture sites, discussion groups and anything else a first time visitor may need to make their time in the Philippines more enjoyable and hassle free. More links will be added over time. To see my links index, click here.

Join with me as I discuss Philippines issues in my blog There you will also find important news items plus how and why some of my videos were made. If you would like to comment on my blog articles, please register and tell us your thoughts. To access my blog, click here.

I have a page dealing solely with tourist visa information and emigration clearance certificate. Click here to see it.

You can leave comments, ask questions about my website or ask questions about the Philippines by placing a message in my guest book. To access my  guest book click here.

If you would like to send me comments privately or ask questions about my videos, pictures, blog or anything else, please click on the email link at the bottom of the page.


Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol


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Manila yacht club marina


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Cebu Tour - Information on what to see and facilities available as you tour in and near Cebu City.

Donate - Entirely up to you. Only donate if you think that you have been helped by the content of my website.

Guest book - Leave a message or ask a question about the Philippines or this website.

Tourist Visa Information - How to enter the Philippines and stay for over a year as a tourist, plus other helpful tourist information.

Picture Index - Index of my 7 pages of pictures.

Pictures - guest gallery  - Add your own pictures.

Pictures-transport - Pictures of all different types of transport available in the Philippines. Including pedi cab, banca boat, tricycle, calesa, habal habal, ferries and more.

Pictures- out and about -  Pictures of activities in the Philippines. Including weddings, feasts and festivals.

Pictures - out and about 2 - More activities in the Philippines.

Pictures - scenic - Scenic pictures of the Philippines. Includes beaches, mountains and monuments.

Pictures - visa examples and sundry - Pictures of Philippines visas and passport stamps plus sundry pictures of things like advertising flyers.

Pictures - outside the Philippines - Some of my travels elsewhere which have nothing to do with the Philippines.

Video Index - Index of my 4 video pages.

Videos - Hotels - Videos of some of the accommodation I have stayed at in the Philippines.

Videos - Cebu province - Tours to places of interest, historical sites, how to drive in Cebu City, Cebu missionary video and more.

Videos - Outside the province of Cebu. Includes tours of Manila, Biliran, Bohol, Siquijor, Camiguin, Dinagat, Davao, Surigao City, Tacloban City, Leyte and around Iligan Bay. Plus cock fighting, making furniture, village life, boat trips and more.

Videos - Junk - Old analogue videos that are not as good quality as the new videos but should still provide useful information.

Tourist visa information - Tourist visa information and visa extensions. Also has links to information about permanent visas plus information or links that a first time visitor to the Philippines will find helpful.

Links - Index - Index of my 10 pages of links.

Links - ATM & Money - Websites for banks in the Philippines plus ATM locators and sites showing what Philippines money looks like.

Links - Discussion groups - More than 70 groups, forums and blogs discussing different aspects of life in the Philippines.

Links - Hotels - More than 70 links to hotel websites or sites offering information about hotels or sites offering discounted hotel  accommodation in the Philippines.

Links- Malls, restaurants and food - Websites of some of my favourite expat hangouts plus mall websites, Filipino food recipes and fast food restaurants in the Philippines.

Links - Maps - Sites with maps of the Philippines.

Links - Philippines government - Websites for the various government agencies in the Philippines that a foreigner would most likely need such as Bureau of Immigration or National Statistics office to arrange a birth certificate for a fiance.

Links - Online news - Websites for newspapers, magazines and classified adds in the Philippines.

Links - Tourist info - More than 80 websites with useful information for travelling within the Philippines to places such as Boracay, Malapascua Camiguin, Palawan, Leyte, Cebu and more.

Links - Transport - Websites for car hire or travel by bus, plane or ferry in the Philippines.

Links - All other - Links that don't fit in the above 9 categories. Links to websites offering real estate, sending gifts to the Philippines, investigating people in the Philippines, embassies, friendship sites and more.